SOTA, soft feet or cones, when to use either?

Hi all,
My SOTA is on soft stock feet now but I have the metal cones aswell so I want to know when is it best to use rubber or metel and how do each affect sound?
For the "record" I am in a dedicated basement room and my table sits on a Tsrget rack with a sort of suspension shelf. Thanks for input.
P.S. I know I could try it and see what happens when changed but due to disability it isnt as easy as that............thanks!
I have a Sota Star/Sapphire Table, and would like to get cones. I see a few sites that carry Audio Points. Do you know what thread I need for the Star/Sapphire table?
I dont know but you can measure your soft feet or figure out what fits with a trip to hardware store and a foot in your pocket, or call SOTA.

Which feet did you get, and where did you order them from?

There are Audiopoints available to work with Sota turntables. I use a couple of Starsound products in conjuction with my own designs in the grounding and mechanical coupling of musical instruments. I also use the Audiopoints in unison with my LP12 turntable. The Sota needs an internal thread design probably the 2.0ap-1bint. You may also want to use the APCD coupling disc, when used on certain surfaces these are of benefit sonically as well as providing surface protection. Thats what I know..Tom