Sota+SME IV=Ugh !!!

I’m driving myself crazy, once again! I’m trying to determine which of the below wood body cartridges will give me the warmest, richest, and most romantic sound. Detail and attack are secondary. I listen to a lot of female jazz vocalists, and classical music. My room is rather bright (a lot of glass and hardwood flooring).

My components:
Sota Star Sapphire w/ SME Series IV
Conrad Johnson Premier 16 pre, Premier 12 monos, CJ’s EF1 Phono pre
Tannoy Turnberry Speakers
Stealth PGS I/C’s
VandenHul Bi wire

My Options for a cartridge:
Clear Audio Maestro
Grado (Reference or Sonata)
Benz SH Woodbody
As suggested…

Want to stay with wood body and around $1,000 - $1,400 in cost. Thanks so much for any opinions put forth!

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Low end Koetsu, e.g., Koetsu Black Goldline (or whatever they call it these days), if your phono stage has sufficient gain. For what you want, the epitome is Koetsu.