Sota Sapphire with Eminent Tech ET 2

I have a Sota Sapphire TT, would the Eminent Technology be a good match?
Used to have that combo and it had great synergy.In fact,I'm still using the ET which in my opinion is hard to beat when properly set up.Go for it.
I believe the SOTA (I've owned two of them) and the ET were/are very good products. And I remember that was a popular combination at one time.

But I could never understand mounting an ET on ANY suspension table. If the suspension was at all sensitive then the moving mass as the arm tracked the record would seem to shift things out of balance. Consider that the fulcrum point of the tangental arm moves, as compared to the stationary base for a pivoted arm.

I once owned an Oracle and it also seemed to be popular with the ET arm. In my experience balance was difficult to maintain even with a pivoted arm. I'm not certain but that may have been corrected with later versions?
Hi Gotmojo

Audiogoneer Dover has put together I don’t how many Sota and ET2 combinations in the past.

He is probably the most knowledgeable that I can think of myself. Hopefully he sees this and provides the pros and cons involved for you.

fyi - There is a review of that combination Sota/Et2 on the ET2 thread.

IMO - The reviewer is a fairly new user of the ET2. Not sure what his experience level with the SOTA is.

If you do decide on an ET2 or ET 2.5 please join us on the thread and say Hi.

Good luck - Chris