SOTA Sapphire Turntable setup - how much lead?

O ye men of wisdom:

I am the owner of a used SOTA Sapphire, which uses lead shot to balance the subchassis. The original owner did not keep the unused shot so now I am wondering:

What is the total amount or weight of the lead supplied with the turntable originally? I have enough lead, I just don't know the right amount to start with. Any assistance would be sincerely appreciated.

Regards, hifigeezer
There is no fixed amount and there is a procedure in the manual. If don't have a manual email me thru audiogon and I'll make you a copy.
I've had 3 Sota tables including the current version of NOVA. I found I wonderfully balance the chassis of the NOVA without any shot. I have a heavy armboard. Experiment some after you read through the manual Swampwalker has offered you.

Suggestion. Consider spikes for your table. I have found an appreciable difference using them instead of the standard feet.

You can also contact the kind folks at SOTA for input.

If you have a scale, then weight the arm-board and arm. Then and enough lead to flatten the sub-plinth and then take out the amount of lead to equal the arm board and arm. Then attach the arm-board and arm and all should be well.

Signed Man of Wisdom.

This is from memory. About 6 years ago I had a Sapphire. If I am totally wrong don't slam please. My ego is very fragile.
Thanks all, especially for the generous offer of the manual. I do have the manual but it does not specify how much lead comes from the factory; it does cover the procedure. Thanks also for your input on the spikes, that seems quite logical. The footers from Mapleshade look pretty neat but pricey; any other suggestions are welcome. When I get my unit back from SOTA I will post comments on the service and also measure the leg bolts (diameter and thread). Thanks again -- hifigeezer
Since your tt is at SOTA, why not have them balance the subchassis? If you know the arm, you should be able to give them the weight. Or you could just weigh the shot you have and tell them the arm & board you are using and they can provide any additional shot you need.
For the best in sound use a reative material such as steel shot or brass. Tom
When in doubt, read the instructions! I found it in the manual, the factory supplied weight is 2 pounds 14.5 ounces. Thanks all.
Thanks to all for your participation. According to two different sources on the web, the leg bolts on the SOTA are 5/16-18. Mine is still in the shop but I will verify it when I get it back. Regards, hifigeezer
You need enough lead shot so that the sum of your armboard weight and the lead shot weight equals from 2 lbs., 15 oz. and 3 lbs.
In short, the combined weight of the armboard and lead shot should be very close to and not exceed 3 lbs.
The combined weight of the SOTA-supplied armboard and the lead shot supplied with my turntable was exactly 3 lbs.
The 3 lbs total weight is to control the resonant frequency of the suspension.
Once you have the proper amount of lead shot, then follow the SOTA setup instructions.
sounds_real_audio answered this question on 03/21/2009. If you don't have a digital scale, Bed Bath & Beyond has a $20 scale that reads grams or ounces.