Sota Sapphire Series III replacement power supply

I need to find a suitable replacement power supply for my Sota Sapphire Series III turntable. Can someone that owns one, please use a multi-meter and measure their original power supplies output in VDC, and also, the amperage would be possible. Also, any information about what what others have used to replace and or upgrade their power supplies for this table would be very helpfull. Thank you,
Up to series III the Sotas used the papst pancake dc motor (different to the external rotor papst as used by empire etc) and I think a well regulated dc supply with anywhere from 24-27vdc should be fine. I don't think the motor draws a lot of current as we did some tests when I wanted to modify mine and even loaded to the point of stalling the motor and if I recall correctly(it was quite a few years ago) the current draw was less than 50ma.
I ended up using the motor, platter/bearing and vacuum pump for a diy Frankensota that I still use (I do have a couple of diy direct drive tt's brewing however). For the power supply, I used 5x6v SLA batteries in series followed by a shunt regulator circuit built by a friend of mine and retained the original raw dc (pre regulation) supply for charging the batteries..... worked pretty well as you could usually go a couple of weeks between charges.
Why not call SOTA and either get the information you need or get a replacement from them?
I have built power supplies for Sotas using a 24v regulated power supply. 1 amp is plenty. there are lots of these for sale on ebay. Some even come with meters and variable output. Simple.

Or really, any wall wart 24vdc power supply will work if it puts out at least 800 ma.