Sota Sapphire S/N- 14,584--- Saved from trash

I saved this TT from a dumpster. Nice condition w/ a Micro-Seki MA-505 Mk III arm and Grado Silver.

But MANUAL IS MISSING. I don't know which version. It has a Pabst pancake motor and black metal plate covering belt/controls.

Was hoping somebody had a manual they could scan and email. My email is doug_olitsky at yahoo dot com

Many thanks.

Simple: Call the manufacture. They are really really nice. You might consider sending it to them to refurbish and upgrade.
Look on vinyl engine.
Why not call SOTA and ask them about the table. Great find especially with that tonearm.
Jperry, SOTA is about the only marque that you will not find on Vinyl Engine, and that is because the owners, the Bodinets, took issue with their copyrighted manuals and photos being show there.

They may be really nice, as Sounds_real_audio suggests, but this is not customer or hobbyist friendly behavior. And, as far as I am aware, they are the only company that had issue with this.

And for the record, I have two SOTAs but would not buy another one from them.

The MA 505 is a fantastic arm BTW and I believe that you can find a set-up manual for it on Vinyl Engine.
Thanks Viridian, I did not look and just assumed there would be info on Vinyl Engine. I used to own a SOTA, but that was a long time ago.