Sota sapphire question-power supply fuse rating?

Hi; I have acquired an earthquake-damaged early vintage sota sapphire (serial no. 13522) which I'm trying to patch up. Have contacted Donna at sota for advice, but the always-helpful reply might take a while and I need to get it working ASAP!

There is a 1.25" fuse in power supply which has blown; I read a forum note here which said you can blow the transformer if you get the fuse rating wrong, but I can't find correct fuse ratings, or sapphire power ratings to determine these anywhere!

We are on 230v power here if it helps in determining correct fuse rating...any help appreciated.

Yourmomm - It should be printed on the fuse end cap. "T" usually stands for slow reacting fuse.
Yes, it should be on the blown fuse, something like 2A or 3A which stands for 2 amp or 3 amp. Voltage doesnt matter in this instance. Almost all fuses are rated for 240v.
Yeah thanks. But it's not printed on the fuse Anywhere....I did start there before asking the question!! There are markings on the fuse but no numbers at all; only the name of manufacturer. Besides which, the fuse is blown, and there are no guarantees it was the correct rating for the power supply in the first that's also why I asked. Didn't know American fuses were rated for 240v...sounds like a recipe for confusion on a 110v system...

Still looking for an answer:-)

I just took a look at the fuse in my Sota power supply. It says, "BUSS MDL 1/4" on one end and, "250V" on the other end. It is a slow blow fuse. It is the original fuse. I know because I bought the tt new.
Thanks Tony-any idea of the current rating then? "buss mdl 1/4" = 0.25A, 1A, or 4A, or none of these?! Never seen a fuse rating of "1/4" before....!
many thanks in advance forumites
Ahhh, no worries. Thanks Tony-found it! For anyone interested:

For the fast acting presuming better safe than sorry and get a fast than a slow-not sure how time delayed fuse will protect power supply...but if anyone knows different do let me know. thanks once again all
You definitely want the slow blow fuse. When a motor starts it has a high in-rush current for several milliseconds. A standard fuse may blow due to that in-rush current.
Yeah thanks Tony I was just coming to that conclusion reading up on it a bit more...thanks for the headsup.

Anyone know any suppliers of these fuses? Can't find any in uk or in NZ (where I currently am...).

32mm x 6.3mm (1.25" x 0.25") 250v 0.25A slow blow fuses are not that easy to find on google!

Many thanks once again for all the help
If it is actually a .25 amp, a 250ma would be the same amperage. Make sure you use the same voltage. Sounds like it's a 250 volt.