SOTA Sapphire power suppy output?

Bought a early SOTA Sapphire with Pabst motor. Did not have the PS. Read as much as I could, convinced it ran on a DC PS around 25-30VDC. Made a PS from a 26 VDC output wall wart. ran fine. Fellow found original PS, though missing the white rocker to the on-off switch. But worked. Just found another on the bay. Slightly different. So I tested output. NO DC, it output is AC. So I tested the original PS, also no DC, just AC output. The one I just got has a bit higher output. So question is, does the SOTA run on both AC & DC output? Could I damage the Pabst motor when I had it on DC? Can the higher output on the one I just got cause any damage with the higher output? Thanks for any advice.
The small power supply for the Sapphire has only a transformer, fuse and a switch.  So it outputs low voltage A/C.  Contact Sota for questions.  They are very helpful.