Sota Sapphire & Lenco 75..

which one would be a better choice. Sota with wooden 9tonearm ( and lenco with option of original tone arm or acoslustre gst 1
Better for whom?
For me no doubt I would choose Lenco.
But Lenco must be modified to perform at maximum potential.
Wisest to make changes is best to go on site
between these two TT which is a better one.....
What series of Sota. they have been built for 30 years. so, if you are referring to a new one, then for me, Sota. That arm is nothing to right home about though. I have one, and it does what it claims to do, but nothing special.
It's Sota Sapphire....
Sota-go for a Origin Live arm.
Sota if Lenco has original arm.
Lenco if with Acos Lustre, a fine tonearm.
IMO, even a stock Lenco in proper trim in stock chassis, with everything adjusted properly and working up to spec, will be superior to the Sota Sapphire. I own or have owned both, but it's still just my opinion.
I know its a Sota Sapphire. what I meant is whether it is an early version or a later version. Series III and above is appreciably better than earlier versions.
Just to be more clear, when I wrote that the Lenco with everything properly adjusted but still in its stock box chassis would outperform the Sota Sapphire, I meant table vs table. IMO, the Lenco tonearm is best avoided. The Acos is a very good upgrade.

My early 90s vintage Sota Sapphire III, with vacuum hold-down, was just not as good sounding as my formerly stock Lenco, before I modified it, table vs table. I could go into specifics if needed. In fairness to Sota, by all accounts their more recent products are far superior, because of basic changes made to the motor mounting, etc. Perhaps Manitunc is actually referring to units that are more recent production than mine.
Yes, more recent in production. My Cosmos and recent Star are much better than my Series III Sapphire. Better build overall, better power supply, better speed control and quieter.
this thread has piqued my interest in getting a Lenco L75 for a project, build a plinth and see what I get. Is anyone using these with a modern tonearm, SME IV or V, Graham, Triplanar etc? What is considered to be a good price for an L75 in good shape.
I use a Dynavector DV505 on my Lenco L75, but it is also mounted on a PTP3 (see Lenco Heaven) in a 65-lb slate plinth with an elaborate aftermarket bearing by Jeremy, platter dampened, Boston Audio Mat1, Walker Audio Motor Controller. The Lenco thus constructed has a very free, open sound with lots of life and "air".

I bought mine in mint used condition off eBay, about 3-4 years ago. I don't know how common they are now.