Sota Sapphire IV -- thoughts?

Good afternoon everyone, happy monday! First post here, and I was wondering if anybody had any experience with a Sota Sapphire IV -- I can't seem to find much online and it appears that they have moved onto series V...I am looking to upgrade from my Denon DP-62L and I feel like Sota would be a good fit. To be honest, I am an "ease of use" person when it comes to turntables so I basically want something that will sound good and be pretty easy to use...for a decent price that is....

Any thoughts?

Just like purchasing an old Porsche. You want the newest and most well cared for deck you can find. Ease of use, great CS, and upradeability into SOTA TOTL (top of the line) models has created a high level of desireabilty from an organization that has been around since the eighties and will still be here tomorrow.
The Sapphire is a definite upgrade from your Denon and is only missing the vacuum platter of the higher models. I have owned many Sotas and they have all been stone reliable and easy to use and set up. And once set up they stay that way.