Sota Sapphire iii power supply cable needed

I have a Sota that has been in storage for years, I have a power supply but have no cable to turntable. It does not have the vacuum, only power supply.
No answer from the Sota people, any ideas?
Really? no answer? Id' call them again
It's been awhile, but I recall that the power cable was captive, (attached) and came from the table. It then plugged into the power supply. You might check inside/underneath the table to see if the cable was put in there for storage.
The wire is definitely captive on the Star, as I think it is on the sapphire as well from seeing a couple some time back, it would come out through a collar at the rear left corner, looking like a flimsy piece of lampcord. Unless you find a jack under there...

Is the power supply the 'flywheel'?
Thanks for all responses, it was buried somehow under the table. I should have looked better.

Thanks alot.