Sota Sapphire?

I recently purchased an older (late 80's-ish) Sota Sapphire. I've read lots of great things about it but am wondering about cartridge recommendations? The table has not arrived yet, but the seller listed it in near mind condition, and it comes with a Sumiko Premier MMT tonearm and an Audio Technica OC9. He did state that the cartridge will need replacing. I ordered a Denon 103 just to have a cart to stick on and listen to while I figure out which one will really shine on this table.

I am tossing around the idea of sending off the AT OC9 for a retip. Is this worth it? Any recommendations for this particular arm/table combo? Thanks!
Send the OC-9 to Soundsmith and for $250, assuming everything else is OK with the cartridge they will replace the cantilever and stylus. I had this done and it sounds great.

I also used the SOTA/MMT combination for years and it is a very good sounding combo.

Send the OC9 to Audio Technica and get a new OC9ML/II for $270 + $10 shipping.
Geoffj85 I cannot say enough about how good the SME 309 and Dynavector 10x5 sounds on my sapphire. It also has the upgraded arm board as well which helps I'm sure.
There is one thing devotees of older TT's always forget, and that is the fact that tone arm wire "oxidizes", and this muddies the sound. If all else is OK I would replace the tone arm wire.