Sota owners -- help needed re: reflex clamp

Are you able to use the rubber washer if your Sota turntable has vacuum hold-down?

I recently purchased a Sota reflex clamp for my Star turntable (with vacuum). I cannot achieve a vacuum hold if I use the rubber washer that the instructions say to put under the LP. So I use the clamp without the rubber washer and have no problem achieving a strong vaccum hold.

Am I getting the benefit of using the clamp? Without the rubber washer there appears to be nothing for the clamp to "reflex" against. I intend to do some detailed A-B testing after I become more familiar with the new tonearm added at the same time I got the clamp.

I got my Star with the reflex clamp directly from Sota when I upgraded from a Sapphire. The rubber washer was not included in the setup, but I have always used the reflex clamp, so I don't know how much effect the clamp actually has in holding the LP snug to the platter.

It seems like the clamp is still pulling the LP down tighter to the platter at the spindle... BWDIK
Why not call Donna or Kirk at SOTA. They are very helpful and you can find their # in the manufacturers listing here. If I had to guess, I would say that the vacuum makes the clamp superflous, but as Nrchy say W(tf)DIK
Thanks for the responses! I decided to get the clamp because SOTA includes it with new vacuum-equipped Cosmos's so I figured that it should be an improvement. My dealer also checked with Donna prior to my purchase. But there was no discussion regarding the rubber washer. I may call Donna but I try to limit calls to them because there's only two of them and they stay very busy.
I am not sure how much difference the reflex clamp makes in a vacuum hold-down system - QQRT (ity). I think, ZFFTW (yp), other than that it should be ok. It is important to get RSZZRW (123) otherwise the whole system will just QZFT.
Sorry, I don't speak Klingon.
Hi Txp 1.There's no different on my system.But I think this rubber was design for help vinyl to colse to the plate when you press this clamp down and lock on. Have fun!

I'm thinking that they may include it with their top of the line 'table, cause buyers expect the whole monty.