Sota or Technics

Hello all, first time post here. 
I am in the market for a new TT under 2k. I've narrowed it down to the Sota Comet and the Technics 1200GR.
Going to use a $300 to $500 MM cart. 
System consists of NAD533 TT (currently). NAD pre amp, Cambridge Phono pre amp, Mac 240 amp, TDL compact monitors. 
Sota i like as it uses the 330 tonearm, is built in the states, solid rep, solid support, is pleasing to the eye.
Technics I like as it's built like a tank, seems more plug and play has a good rep and looks good too. (more bells and whistles, both positive and negatives there)
Obviously they are different in some ways. Direct drive vs belt etc..
Was wondering if anyone had an opinion either way on either deck. Greatly appreciate any feedback.
Thank you
Not diving into any of the side controversies here, but I’ll offer that the SOTA Sapphire I bought in 1986 is still going strong.  Here’s my tribute to the ‘table’s durability from 4 or so years ago. Cheers. 
OP, glad you found the Mo Fi Ultradeck which is in my very short list. Did you get the Master Track or the Ultra Track with it?

Could you please let us know where you got this information about the 85% magnesium tonearm on the SL 1210 GR?  Thanks

Is SOTA even relevant today?  The Comet is a toy, the Technics is a good turntable and the complete package. The arm in the SL1210 is no slouch. It is said to be 85% of the Magnesium arm in the SL1200g. Doubtful you would hear a difference unless you do many comparisons.