Sota & Graham Phantom owners

Hi all, If you own this combination (Cosmos/Phantom), can yo tell me what type of DIN end cable works best for suspension "clearance". Would that be a straight DIN or right angle. I will receive my Phantom sometime in July and I wonder what type of the 2 DIN will work with this combo. I currently have an SME V with right angle DIN. Would a straight angle DIN work with the Cosmos/Phantom.
Thanks for your feedback.
Smoffatt,hope I can help....

Well,both myself and my friend have this exact combo(table/arm)!...

We have the right angle Din in use,as our tables are mounted on Symposium Ultra shelves....I use the Graham IC-70,and he uses the Purist Venustas arm cable.There's not alot of room under the table(if mounted on a shelf or table top stand),so I would think the right angle Din is the way to go.

Obviously you want as little disturbance of the "back/right" sprung suspension as possible,but I wouldn't get too anxious over this,as long as the cable does not place alot of upward pressure on "that" back suspension spring.With a straight downward running cable,the VTA action of the arm will still work,but as you go downward,there will be more upward pressure from the cable,unless it is very flexible....A potential "no,no"!!

I don't think a "straight" cable(coming straight down)is the best way to go,unless your table is mounted with no shelf under the back area.This is probably NOT your case.

Btw,the sprung suspension on the Cosmos,is extremely well executed,and MUCH different/better from the older tables.They are stiffer,and if you happen to have a "little" upward pressure,exerted by the arm cable,don't fret too much,as long as you can freely adjust VTA.

Also,it goes without saying,that the downward pressure exerted by very heavy arm cabling(like Purist Dominus for example)is "not so hot" either,though the cable is most likely superb....

I doubt you will have problems with VTA,having read your past concerns,should you go with the preferred 90 degree angle DIN!...Why not the "made for Phantom" IC-70?

Anyway,you can always(and should) call Kirk at Sota,for the ultimate last word,on the subject.

You just happen to have a wonderful front end!

Good luck.
Thanks Sirspeedy. So if i understand correctly, the DIN connector on the Phantom pillar point straight down and not toward the back on the table, hence the need for a right angle DIN on the cable. The SME V, if you are familiar with this arm, the DIN connector is set horizontally and also swivel on the pillar.
If you can clarify i would appreciate.
Thank You so much
I know what you mean,with the SME.I owned two series III's.
Obviously "any" connector is going to ultimately go down,but the right angle DIN,on cable allows one to swivil the arm block,for a good "evacuation" of the cable,as it protrudes from the bottom of the table/shelf.It(the cable) "will" make contact with a shelf,but I don't think it affects performance.
I think you are kind of hung up on this,since experiencing the VTA resistance....My advice....


Best as always