SOTA Cosmos turntables

Has anyone heard a SOTA cosmos turntable? How does it compare to a Brinkmann Balance, Avis's, SME's, Clearaudio's, if vibrations cannot be minimized?

I have a SOTA Cosmos with most recent updates… it is solid with good quality build…but not eye candy and more reflective of back in the day. Vacuum system works well and chassis is very rigid. Customer service is great. SOTA is a small company with small but dedicated staff working to continue the long standing reputation. I have a Kuzma tonearm that mates up comfortably providing non-vibration performance. 👍👍

I have the Sota Nova VI with the roadrunner/eclipse and vacuum.  It is outstanding.  I have listened to the Brinkmann’s DD and BD tables several times- once with my own records.  They did not surpass my listening experience with the Sota.  

Since this is “Tech Talk”, the Brinkmann TT’s do not have any isolation built in.  They have to sit on their included isolation platforms.  I find the Sota benefits from some level of isolation as well even with its own built in isolation.  What I mean is, the sound is affected by the platform that the Sota sits on.  I experimented with granite being the worst, to wood and finally a carbon fiber base on isoacoustic feet.

Also, the roadrunner system with the eclipse motor is W&F free.  I can hear the difference compared to other tables.  The roadrunner has a speed readout and eliminates speed drift over time.  It is nice.  No more checking speed after an hour of playing and having to trim the speed setting.  Speed is rock solid stable.