Sota Cosmos tonearm?

I just bought a Sota Cosmos Series IV. Any recommendations as to a tonearm for this table. I have SME 309, Linn Ittok and ET2 arms, as well as Rega 300, Roksan Tabriz, Grace 704, Helius Aureus and Hadcock 228.

Anyone have experience with this table?
My friend has one and uses the SME V with good results. I have used the IV and 309 but not on that table. I just noticed that you have 8 arms, you didn't correctly pick the winner in the last world cup did you?
Next he will be asking what cartridge sounds best. He owns a good dozen of them as well and asks others what they sound like on systems unrelated to what he owns????

Each post will declare a winner.

I am getting the popcorn ready for this one:>)
Sorry if asking for an opinion offends you. I thought that was the purpose of this forum. I guess its just to let folks like you vent.
I use a V on mine and have tried others. I think this table will work well with just about anything. Id base my decision on my cartridge choice.
Trans-fi Terminator, perfect match for a Sota.

No, I just either got really good deals or they came with other tables I have purchased at a good price. Some of them were broken and I put them back together. I seem to buy a couple of good tables a year and a few arms and cartridges at great prices. Thats the advantage of not needing to buy, you can grab a deal when you see it. But, I do have too much stuff now and need to cut back, which I have been doing, but I seem to have bought as many as I have sold. Ive also had 5 cartridges rebuilt by soundsmith. That is really a bargain if you can pick up the body for less than $100.
Since I have an SME 309, I'll probably put that on for now. You and RCCC seem to like the SME and Ive never had a problem with it.
I'd vote for the 309 too. Excellent solid arm and easy to setup so you know what you are getting always. But I would also get an armboard for the Hadcock because why not also have a unipivot to compare the SME to?
You think the transfi is better than the ET2? why?
Lighter, shorter, lo pressure pump, less noise. It's a better design, simpler with superior sound. I've craved one since I first heard one, I keep thinking I'm going to buy a Sota and add the Trans-fi arm. Email the guy who makes them, or give him a call (he's in the UK so give the time difference some thought when calling), great guy. Great arm.
I used to be a Sota Distributor and have installed many arms on the Sota. Personal favourites ET2 and SME V. ET2 - massive pinpoint soundstaging and excellent timing. SME V very organic warm and solid sound, we had success with Van den hul cartridges in this combo. ET2 I ran mostly Carnegie's and Koetsu's.
If you are running an ET2 I found the following mods to be useful - removal of internal dampening in armtube, removal of shrinkwrap on armtube and you can add magnetic dampening to the lateral movement by placing a fridge or cupboard door magnet under the bearing tube. This last mod is quite dramatic and doesn't have the disadvantages of a fl;uid dampening trough. I also removed the soft plastic inside the headshell and replaced it with carbon fiber.
I believe SOTA recommends the Tri-Planar!
Has anyone used a Basis Vector on a Sota?