sota comet wobble

I recently purchased used sota comet...after getting alignment etc. apparently right I leveled it and started to play ...sounds fine but the platter wobbles alot ...took it apart again found a ballbearing in the plastic( composite) tube in which the platter's spindles shaft sits...I read the owners manual and it brags about the bearing assembly being made entirely from some high tech plastic...but doesn't mention the steel ball bearing any ideas or experience with this phenomnina??? HELP and Thanks Kim at
The ball bearing is supposed to be there - that is actually the thrust point itself. Sounds like the manual is talking about the housing of the assembly itself, as opposed to the bearing. As for wobble, some wobble in a platter is normal on a lot of turntables. It is unlikely it have anything to do with the bearing itself, or the housing, but probably due to the platter itself not being perfectly flat and symetrical. Generally, this is not a big deal, unless it is so bad that the stylus is being bumped out of the groove.
Touch base with SOTA service technician @ 708-246-9815. Kirk is very consciencous about phone call-backs. Kirk been around since SOTA's days in Oakland. Good luck.