SOTA Comet --- Opinions please.

Many of the SOTA related threads here on Audiogon deal with the higher end SOTA tables. I'm interested in learning more about the SOTA Comet, and how it compares with the "usual suspects" in that price range (Rega P5, loaded Technics 1200, Clearaudio Emotion, etc.) Would, for example, the SOTA Comet match well with the new Rega RB-301 arm and Dynavector 10x5 cartridge ? I'd really appreciate hearing about your experiences with the SOTA Comet and your likes and dislikes with the table. Thanks.
Why bother with any of the tables you mention? If it's music you want, for $1500-$2000 all you need is a Lenco.
No doubt.
Thanks for asking.
I owned a Comet about 15 years ago. It was the best buy serious table of its time, $400, although it had significant motor speed issues which resulted in my selling it. Supposedly these issues have been fixed in the new versions. I have not heard a Comet in years. I have heard the new entry level Rega and it is quite good for the price with a $200.00 Shelter cartridge. No speed issues here. The bigger issue is whether tables at this price are a worth while investment. I think you will be looking for a more expensive unit in a short time. It might be a wiser move to save your money and buy a more substantial table regardless of the make and model. $1500.00 buys much more table and long term pleasure.
I bought a new Comet a few years ago to see if I would like spinning records again. My rationale was that it was a good enough table to give analog a fair shake and if I really liked it I could take advantage of SOTA's generous trade up policy. When I got it I was delighted with it but it did have some speed stability problems that Kirk and Donna helped me through. I traded it in about a year later for a refurbished Sapphire and I absolutely love it.

If you think that this will be the last turntable you get I would look elsewhere. You can get a better table for the money. I think the SL-1200 is a great buy.

If you think you might move up to a more expensive table then the Comet might do if you are thinking of getting some of the higher end SOTAs.

Hi Desmondjim......This turntable purchase is one that I want to be happy with for quite a while. So, perhaps, I'll more fully explore the Technics SL-1200.
Hi Elinor.....I appreciate your advice on a "wiser move" with a better table at this point in time.
Any more comments on the SOTA Comet from other folks ?
Do consider used as well. I got a Sota Star Saphire here on A-gon with an AQ arm for less than the price of a new Comet. It is between 15 and 20 years old, but these things are built like tanks and service is readily available in the event that you need it. You'd have a much better TT than either the Comet or a Tech 12 too.
I owned one for about six months. It sounded good and was a step up from the Music Hall MMF-5 that it replaced, although I prefer the Rega P-25 that I now own.

For what's it's worth, here's why I got rid of the Comet. It had nothing to do with performance. I found the 'table incredibly ugly; the greasy, sticky rubber feet took the finish off of my furniture; and I needed a dust cover.

I understand that these reasons do not concern most audiophiles, but they did me.
Hey, for the kind of money that we're spending these days on our components, esthetics does indeed play a role in our audiophile hobby. Just like a beautiful interior doesn't make your car drive any better, it sure does add to the overall enjoyment. And, with those of us who love our tupe amps, doesn't that "special glow" look good !
I own one. I don't find it ugly though. It's built like a tank and I love it. Better than my Empire 598 and TD125 MkII/RB700/Incognito combo.