sot sapphire vs vpi scoutmaster

Bryston electronics ( 3bsst and .5 b), Thiel 04a speakers. Currently own sota moonbeam with grado ref plat cart. Love vinyl , want to upgrade table ( had sapphire before internet bubble, loved it). Considering budget is tight what is the best way to go. Any advice would be appreciated.


I had a SOTA long ago, have Scoutmaster now. Properly set up, I think the VPI is faster and has better bass. The SOTA is a good table. I am a VPI dealer now and was in old days also. I have come to like the non suspended tables, but you have to be more carful with their location than with the suspended tables.
I dont know, I have the Star/Saphire and my dad has the Scoutmaster and I like them both but I think the SOTA is a bit more musical or relaxed which in my system works but either way your gonna enjoy the ride.