looking for help in the settings for a REL Storm I when integrated in this system:
Rega Planet
Linn Majik w/o phono - Activ Mono - Bass
Linn LK85 - Activ Stereo - Treble
Linn Katan in Maple
Sand filled Katan stands
two 16' runs of K400
two 1m Harmonic Technology RCA interconnects
two Virtual Dynamics Power 2 power cables

I just got the REL but having difficulting in finding what 'SOUNDS RIGHT' you know what I mean? What's boomy, what's tight sound like? What volume should it be? Love to hear from your experience!
How does it not sound right thus far? I always thought the Kans are really easy to mate sub wise. I never used REL before though. The only subs that I had problem with the Kans were subs with less than 15 inch woofers. They sounded boomy and clashed with the Kans smooth presentation.

If your woofer is less than 15", try turning the cross over point to its lowest setting then gradually turn the volume up.
first off, this is a set of Katans, not Kans. my concern is the cross over points. If I were to use the REL recommended way of set up, i would be crossing over at about 35 hz. however, my active katans go down to 60, so there must be a gap of missing frequency. i have spoken to others and they have commented on crosssing over at about 90 hz. Has anyone else had any good experience with this combination?