SOS Help w/ Cayin vs. vintage Fisher system sound

I recently bought a Cayin TA-30 and have done some preliminary listening. The Cayin, particularly the in the vocals, is more focused, the background is quiter, the bass line is easier to follow(on my limited LF Spica TC-50's). The Fisher 400 sounds a little blurry in comparison. However, I am a little dissapointed/frustrated because, at least at this early stage of listening, I think the 400 may be more involving, richer, and musical with a deeper soundstage and more spatial cues. Is it me? My system? Please comment. I am looking for an involving musical experience like the 400 provides with the better focus and bass of the TA-30. I'd like to close my eyes and have the music fill the room, have the performers there with me (the Holy Grail?) Maybe tube rolling(Cayin currently has Mullards in)? I do need to keep costs DOWN. BTW, I am using a CAL Sigma II DAC, Audioquest type 4 speaker cable, and Kimber PBJ interconnects. Any advice and or opinions would be helpful. Musical preferences are acoustic, vocal, pop/rock, jazz, a little classical.
IS the Cayin new? I think it will improve with some time on it. Give it time to settle down in your system. I switched out the 12au7 and the 12ax7 for further improvement. The Fisher is a nice amp and I think the Cayin should approach or exceed most of those qualities with time and a little tweaking.

HOLY COW! All I can say is Telefunken 12ax7! I swapped a pair out of my Fisher 400 and the improvement has me floored. With the EH 12ax7 the sound was bright and one dimensional. Now EVERYTHING is improved and just draws me into the music. This is what I had in mind - the sweet sound of the Fisher with improved bass and clarity. Would replacing the 12au7's with 12ax7's work, and would it give further improvements? Anyone interested in a restored Fisher 400 in great condition with a refinished wood case MINUS 2 (maybe 4) Telefunken 12ax7's?
FYI. Correction. I thought I swapped Telefunken's because that's what most of the Fisher tubes are but the one's I firtst actually swapped (and after comparison prefer) are more likely Mullard's - labeled made in Great Britain.