Sorting out the various C-J MF series amp models

I'm set to buy a used C-J PF-R preamp, probably for use in setting up a "2nd system". I'm also thinking of buying one of the (smaller) used MF series power amps; 2100, 2250, or 2250A. Has anyone compared these different versions? Right now there are a few 2100's FS around $700, & the 2250 seems to go for around $1000-$1100. Is the 2250 worth the extra $$? Both got great user reviews on another site. I will probably use my Merlin TSM-M's with this set-up.

And just in case I decide to get a more powerful SS amp someday (to power my B&W M802SIII's), my same basic question would apply to the 2300, 2500, & 2500A: can anyone provide a comparison? Thanks in advance for any advice!
I own a PF-R and both an MF2100 and an MF2300A. I first paired my PF-R with the 2100, and I was very pleased with the sound: warm and liquid (very characteristically C-J) yet very detailed. I was particularly impressed with the sound of cymbals which were extremely realistic (I play the drums) yet not in any way bright. Bass response was deep yet very controlled. The soundstage was very wide and reasonably deep, and the position of the instruments was clearly defined. I thought I had a fantastic combination.

I swapped in three other preamps that I also owned that had impressed me before I purchased the PF-R (including the C-J SC26). None of these preamps came close to the PF-R. My non-audiophile girlfriend politely listened as I compared these preamps, but she was amazed when the PF-R was finally placed back into the system. She could not get over what a difference the PF-R made to the sound presentation. She became a believer that day, and she regularly listens to my system when I am trying out a new component so that she can give me her unbiased impression.

Then I purchased an MF2300A. While I never listen at ear-splitting levels and my speakers do not require a great deal of power to drive them, I could not get over the difference that the bigger amp made when it was swapped into my system. While the overall characteristic of the sound remained very similar, everything that the MF2100 did so well the MF2300A did better. The bass extension was even deeper, the soundstage was even wider, and the microdynamics were even greater. I was truly amazed, and I have kept this combination in my primary system.

You are going to love the PF-R. I believe it is one of the best values in all of high end audio. I have not done comparisons of the newer MF series amps, but I have heard that their sound is not nearly as warm as the older series. The MF2100 is a great amp (I still use it in a second system); but if you can afford $1,000 to $1,200 for a used MF2300 or MF2300A, I think that you will be extremely pleased with the combination.

I didn't answer your question exactly, but I hope that this helps.

Good luck!
randomness, thanks for that great analysis! Everything I have read about the PF-R--both user reviews; as well as the Oct. 1996 S'Phile review by Martin Colloms, indicate that it is a truly great pre-amp, worthy of pairing with even much more expensive amps than the MF series. I am thinking of getting an EF-1 phono pre-amp as well.

I notice that used prices of MF2250's & MF2300's are about the same. It does make it tempting to go for the extra power of the 2300, altho I'm never too crazy about lugging 55 lbs. of amp. But at least the footprints are similar.

thanks again, steve