Sorry to ask this SACD question, but

What equipment do I need to play the Stereo layer on a  SACD at 176.4khz .  I have searched the forum for more than an hour and I'm stumped.  Lets say I have a

Or a 

and I want to use a  Schitt Bifrost Multibit DAC, instead of the internal DAC.  What else do I need?

What else do I need to play  SACD at 176.4khz 

Please don't flame me, I really am stumped.



My Oppo 103 plays SACD and ADVDSs thru the analog outs or thru the HDMI out but not thru a coaxial / optical connection. It explains it in the owners manual.
@curiousjim is quite correct about the Oppo players. I tried to get the  best two channel  audio, as I listen to  both SACD and DVD-A, from the Oppo. Unfortunately the DSD signal gets  converted back to PCM when you try to use the XLX/RCA, as well as multi-channel analog outputs.

If you are a DVD-A/ PCM  guy then you can enjoy it, but you will have to stay with the HDMI connection to enjoy pure DSD. To  try to solve this dilemma I upgraded to a Yamaha CD-2100 player.; which is now in a separate stereo system. You mention you looked at the CD-1000. For SCAD playback the 2100 will play back SACD 2 Hz to 50kHz and the playback range for the  player is up 96kHz. It is not entirely clear from reading their O  & M and reading the  few reviews online, if this in native DSD. I  hope so as that is one of the main reasons I  bought the player. This player will not play the multi-channel layer on a SACD.

I would  think if you wan to listen to higher resolution you would only be able to use the  DAC and the optical or coaxial digital outputs only.

Regardless this player sound exceptional playing redbook CD and SACDs. The DAC sounds exceptional as well with the Steinberg.
With Oppo, you have two options: DSD or PCM play out. I can't hear any SQ difference. You can navigate through the setup. Don’t use variable out, use XLR fix line-out which give you the best SQ.

Any comparisons between DSD and PCM on your SACD player?
Happy Listening!