Sorry to ask this SACD question, but

What equipment do I need to play the Stereo layer on a  SACD at 176.4khz .  I have searched the forum for more than an hour and I'm stumped.  Lets say I have a

Or a 

and I want to use a  Schitt Bifrost Multibit DAC, instead of the internal DAC.  What else do I need?

What else do I need to play  SACD at 176.4khz 

Please don't flame me, I really am stumped.



SACD players will play the disc through the internal dac  what they will not do is output the signal through the digital out to an external dac. Those that do have paid a fee in order to do it. 
Any SACD player will play the discs and output the converted analog signal from its analog outputs (either RCA or XLR). It will be playing the actual DSD layer from the disc converted to analog by its internal DAC.

The problem is trying to output the digital DSD data to an external DAC which is what you stated was your objective, and that can be a problem due to licensing restrictions with SACDs and not generally allowing the extracted DSD to be transmitted digitally. There are some exceptions as noted in posts above with specific transports and DACs which can only pass the DSD data between specific devices.

The Bryston BDA-3 DAC is an unusual implementation which is able to accept a DSD signal via its HDMI input from an SACD player with HDMI output, which its DAC is then able to convert to analog. Hope this helps!

What @bill_k said, run the analog outputs into your main system and enjoy! You can even switch between the CD and SACD layers to see if you prefer what DSD brings over red book, you just cannot use your stand alone DAC 
Wouldn't this issue be resolved if Apple and Sony would get along so that Apple could create a super drive that reads SACD?