Sorry to ask this SACD question, but

What equipment do I need to play the Stereo layer on a  SACD at 176.4khz .  I have searched the forum for more than an hour and I'm stumped.  Lets say I have a

Or a 

and I want to use a  Schitt Bifrost Multibit DAC, instead of the internal DAC.  What else do I need?

What else do I need to play  SACD at 176.4khz 

Please don't flame me, I really am stumped.




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So folkfreak,

Why do so many companies have players labeled SACD if they can't play SACD?  Isn't that more than kinda illegal??  My Oppo plays them through HDMI, but I want to play just the stereo layer through my main system, not my HT.

Hey uberwaltz,

I believe all the Oppo's will play SACD's from the HDMI output.  I have a 93 that will.

But I want to play the SACD stereo layer without going the HTMI route and am confused why I can't.  RCA and Optical can't handle the amount of info and I'm not sure about Balanced.  It looks like USB will work but there are only a few SACD players in my price range that have USB outputs.

How's everyone else playing SACDs?


When I set my Oppo to SACD and use Digital RCA, Optical or the analog RCA outputs all I get is silence.  With my Oppo, I have to use the HDMI to hear SACD whether its stereo or 5.1.


There is a menu setting on the Oppo for SACD.  It shows it on but it will only play through the HDMI output.  There is dead silence when I use ANY other output.  Most of the problem ( So I'm told )  seems to be that RCA and Optical cables cant handle all the information from the DSD layer.  Just like now you need a new HDMI cable to play UHD/4K.  HDMI 2.2 is what I bought.  Sound will still play on most any HDMI cable.

I am going to try and find a Bryston DAC-3.  If the DAC sounds good to me, then I'll  be all set.

  "That works Mahler but Jim wants to output over rca analog
I think he just needs change some menu settings and he should be all

Thanks for your thoughts.  Keep em coming.


The Bryston DAC-3 looks like just what the Doctor ordered. It is on my list in all caps!

Thanks again for the tip.


The Oppo has an HDMI audio output and a HDMI Video output.
The audio has never been plugged in.

Logically, what you are saying makes sense. But it still is working in this case. As I just said to uberwaltz, I am getting the feeling that the issue is with the spinner.

Thank for your input.


I don’t think Sony has anything to do with this.  I’m sure Oppo paid and installed what ever they had to in order to play SACDs.
 I’m thinking that my issue is with the Oppo, but for mechanical issues.

I’ll be sure to let you know.



I did everything my manual said. I did everything you said, and the Tv screens says yes, but the speakers say no.  The CD layer plays just fine. I added a digital rca, CD. I added aToslink, CD. RCA only, nothing.  
You just said that the RCA’s are shut off when you plug in a digital or Toslink cable.  Not on mine.  Could the problem be there?  

From you and others are saying, I’m beginning to think it’s the 

Hello Google my old friend.

Thanks again for your help.


I might just look around for a used SACD player to make the test.

And uberwaltz, if I haven't said it before,  Thank you for taking some of your time to help me with this. I have been puzzling over it for months, but now I might have a lead. 

So last night I hooked a Sony to a smart tv with HTMI and Optical out to a receiver. I played the SACD stereo layer.  I hooked up the Oppo the same way and it also played the SACD stereo layer.
Than I did something I hadn’t tried before, I plugged in a Toslink and a digital RCA into the Oppo and removed the HDMI, and plugged in the Analog RCA’s back in.  Both the Toslink and the Digital RCA were plugged into other devices and are working as they should.   IT WORKED!  I was able to listen to the SACD stereo layer form the Analog RCA’s! Than I went to bed, confused but happy.

Later today I’m going to unplug the Toslink and then the Digital RCA and see what happens.

I need coffee...



So I'm just finishing my third cup and I have unplugged the Toslink and the Digital RCA from the Oppo and I am still happily listening to the stereo layer. I'm guessing something was stuck with the Optical hardware, but I'm not an expert.  The HDMI video is still plugged into a TV so I can see the menus, and the HDMI audio was never plugged in before last night, and is now unplugged once again.

One final question ( I hope),  So both you and my Oppo manual ( same thing ;) ) say to use the PCM setting, and it works. YEAH!  The question is so does the DSD setting.  I have turned the Oppo off and on with each and every change so I'm pretty sure it's not a fluke.

Maybe a 4th cup of coffee in called for?

glupson, It’s funny 
now that I finally got the Oppo to play SACD’s I can set it on DSD or PCM and they both sound the same. Is that supposed to happen or is it my hearing going?

Hi jafant,

 I have everything working and then had family in for the last couple weeks.  No listening time at all!  Still have one in town, but I should have more time soon.

Thanks for asking.