Sorry,need info on Dunlavy again Aletha vs SC-IV

I am sorry to bring this Dunlavy topic again, but I really could not find any other usefull info other than from you people at audiogon (thanks so much).
My plan to get the SC-IVs become a problem as I only have a small room of 10' x 10'. However, as I really want to get a Dunlavy stuffs, now I am considering to get the Aletha instead (smaller dimension than the Sc-IVs). Is the Alethas share the similar superiority as the SC-IVs in term of soundstaging, resolution, etc? Will the Alethas still to big for my room? For the same price of $2400, will the Alethas more worth it to buy than the Sc-IV?
I understand that there are many choices of great speakers in the range of $2500 as you guys recommended (Vandys, Thiel, VR, Duntech, etc). But, it's very unfortunate for me to live in Indonesia that have a very limited choices of used speakers. My choices right now are only the SC-IV and the Alethas, besides the Vandy 2ce ($850) which I am consider too old (the sig version has been sold). I may get another choices, but I am not sure how long again I have to wait....
Once again, my system:
Krell KSA250
Krell KSP-7B
AudioNote DAC2
Jadis JD-3 CD
Cardas Quadlink speaker cables
Nordost Blue Heaven interconnects
Thank you so much in advance for any inputs.


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I demo-ed the Aletha vs IVa, a little different.

Go for the IVs they are a true 3 way vs the Aletha which is more of a 2 way with sub, better midrange on the IVs.