Sorbathane Pucks for VPI

I would like to exchange the springs on my VPI 19IV for Sorbathane pucks. Does anyone know where they can be obtained or how I could make a set?
The best of the "pucks" are the Sims Navcom Silencers. They do show up from time to time used here on Audiogon.

I see on the VPI website a listing for: NEW ISOLATORS - SET OF 4 - $50.00 under the HW-19 section. You might inquire to what these are.
I think I have some of the Sims, if they are the ones Audioquest use to handle. Let me know if interested. You could also try some of the sandwich isolators like the ones Mapleshade and others have.
If your going to go the "soft suspension" route, why not the Aurio`s, they will check the vertical AND horizontol vibrations. The Pucks have no horizontal vibration effect.