Soprano's Stereo & Music???

OK, just saw the "Soprano's" tonight. Anyway, in the "party" scene, does anyone recognize the metallic looking speakers or amp/pre??? What about the dance music?
I have a feeling is is a jambox of some sort.
Call me cynical.

The thing that knocked me out was 2 weeks ago, when there was a club scene featuring a live performance by Trenton's finest, The Swingin' Neckbreakers. Way to go, Little Steven!
Do you think the band's name helped them get the gig?
Good point! (Though hailing from NJ surely didn't hurt either.) Little Steven has actually turned into quite a big promoter of 'garage rock' recently, hosting his own syndicated radio show called "Little Steven's Underground Garage", which you can find out more about on his website of the same name. But I can assure you, if you like old-fashioned roots-based power rock, the Neckbreakers are eminently deserving of the exposure, falling about halfway between The Sonics and The Ramones with great originals to boot.
I believe Furio has a Sharp SD-NX10 personal audio "shelf system." This four piece mini system features Sharp's "1-bit" amplification technology and lists for $1799.99. Presumably, Furio didn't have to pay this sum. There's a nice picture and specs on the SD-NX10 on I can't figure out anything about the music, but Meadow seems to like it. (Carmela, too.)
Furio's bookshelf system is indeed a Sharp SD-NX10. I know because I have one. I'm currently looking for a screen shot of this episode where Furio shows off his NX10, so if anyone can point me in the right direction I would be greatly appreciate it.

Speaking of hi fi on TV, watch for the Sota TT in the hospital office of the star of this new Fox medical show called "House". Shows how hip Hollywood considers vinyl to be at the moment, 'cause I'm sure in the real world all you analog-loving doctors routinely bring your records in to work...
right after "american idol"... interesting alex... ;)
...And not interesting you would happen to know that, Steve? ;^) But for the "record": never watched "Idol", and only about half of a couple episodes of "House" while flipping away from basketball during commercials...How 'bout dem Wizards huh?!
... ah, i know, just ribbing u alex. i remember you saying a while back how much you dislike the enter american idol enterprise.

yeh, i know when it's on, because, yeh, i've watched it a few times this season... oh well, call me american!
1) Thought Furio was dead?

2) "House" has the non-descript but elegant looking SOTA but no wires, amps, source, speakers. Ahh, TV Land...
I believe Furio has gone back to Italy. Tony has a contract out on him, but he apparently can't be found.