Sopra No.2 Overpriced?

Really interested in purchasing a pair, good bang for the buck or overpriced when compared to speakers at similar price point?

What do the Sopra No.2 owners think? Pleased with your purchase/investment?

Hope to hear a pair at the upcoming AXPONA event in Chicago.


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Actually compared to other speakers in that price range, I think the Sopra 2's are underpriced.  Before buying mine, I've been auditioning other similar priced speakers.  I liked the Joseph Audio Perspective quite a bit until I heard the Sopra.  
Listen to a pair that have been broken in for at least 400hrs, using good electronics and cables and then decide for yourself if they're overpriced compared to the competition.  They improve dramatically after a proper break-in period.  Mine went thru several phases during their break-in period.  They sounded OK out of the box initially, then started to sound like I made the wrong choice for a month or so.  Only recently (5 months & approx 400hrs), have they settled into their own.

They are awesome Speakers and well worth $14,000.
I hear good things about the sound, but as far as I know they are made out of painted pressboard.  The Magico S1 MK II's are the real deal, but I doubt they sound at all alike.  They have their own colorations, see if they suite you. 
To say something is "over priced" or not, only the marketplace determines that.

My friends who consider Bose to be "high end audio" are shocked at how much my equipment to them it's all "over priced".

When I took Econ100 back in the day the professor said "how much is something's what people are willing to pay"...