Sophias vs. Revel Studios

I'm totally stumped, although either one will probably be happiness.
There are many postings on the Revel Studios. You should search for these and get a feel for them. I have the studios and love them. Great detail and soundstage. The Sophias are supposed to be very good as well. I seemed to have read a review in Stereophile recently, but have not heard them. What setting you are going to place these in and what equipment they are going to be matched to is exceedingly important in your decision. Good Luck.
The studios can be a bit bright even with quality amplification...similiar to Thiels in this regard...they are extremely revealing...but very transparent...listen before you leap...
For the money the Sophia's sure are little tiny things... Just a big footed American point of view.

The Sophias are a much easier load to drive, and will give
you more options in choosing an amp.
You got one high class problem there. The Revels need some serious amp aware of that...Will narrow ($ wise) your amp options....unless of course money isn't a factor. Hey, but isn't it always?
Sophias are small but soundstage like large speakers a la Watt Puppies with more musicality (vs. wp6). May not have the ultimate level of detail and low, low end but are pretty close to the 6 ( I haven't yet heard the 7's). They are probably one of the most coherent speakers around, more so than any other wilson (other than 7's)and are quite involving, wickedly dynamic and image extremely well when set up right. I drove mine with Krell 750 monoblocks and they loved the power, so if you have hi powered tube amps or a good solid state amp, these speakers will not punish you. In fact, they can sound great with even a low end receiver but will reward you when you move up in amplification. They are the perfect $15k system or $50k systems speaker-they're that good. I'd rather take them over any speaker in the Revel lineup. I have, however only heard the Salons, which I felt were a bit edgy, whitish brittle and sterile. Overall uninvolving but technically impressive. JMO
The studios are very transparant like thiel but have great imaging. I always loved the detail of the thiels, but when I first heard the Revels I was excited by the addition of this feature. I have demod the Revels with many amps and find them remarkably versatile. I didn't expect this, but they have really worked well through a spectrum of different style amps.
You know Warrenh knows his stuff pretty well and did a killer review on the sistrum monitor stands. However as far as power I think the efficiency of the amp may have a lot to do with the studios. I agree that with ML or someone else you might need a 250wpc into 8ohms or better. On the other hand I am driving mine with Harmonic
Precision amps at 110 wpc and more than 97% efficiency and unless I'ved snowed myself for no reason they are absolutely dynamic. I have also heard them with spectrals that were 150 wpc and while I felt the spectrals were way too bright they drove them pretty good.
I owned the studios but now have the salons. I listened
to the sophias at a dealer and was very impressed.
I'd take the Wilsons.