Sophia vs TJ Full Music

Anyone compare the Sophia 274B Rectifier tube and/or their 2A3 Mesh Plate's with the corresponding TJ Full Music's 274B and/or Mesh Plate 2A3's?
I could be wrong, but I'm guessing that they are exactly the same tube manufactured in the same factory and marketed by two different companies under two different names.

Lol, well at least it was only three years later when this fellow seemingly disagreed:
I believe the Sophia 274B tube is a Shuguang 274B due to identical literature I've read on the two along with their appearances.

Look familiar?
Also, FWIW the Shuguang 274B is a REALLY good sounding rectifier. I greatly prefer it to the 1950s RCA 5u4g I was using before it...