Sophia Electric Tubes/Cary 211AE

Anyone have advice on which Sophia (or other) 845 and 300b tubes to replace the stock tubes on my Cary 211AE? Unfortunately, it's that time to replace and spend the necessary dough to make the amps sound right/better. Thanks

NOS would be the best choice, e.g. RCA or United 845s. For 300B's, I am partial to AVVT (again, basically NOS, as they aren't made anymore). WE is also a good choice on 300Bs but even more $ than AVVT or EML.

Marty, I am using new production Cetron 845 tubes in my 211 AE's and I switch between the Sophia Mesh Plate and the Sophia Carbon Plate for my 300B tubes. No way can I afford the NOS 845s and I found that the new production WE 300B were crap. I have not tried the Sophia 845s but I do highly recommend their 300B tubes. Those are great amps. I love mine.