Sophia Electric's 845M vs. SuperTNT 845M ?

Does anyone know if Sophia Electric's 845M is the same as or different than SuperTNT 845M ?? I 've been watching SuperTNT website for a while now but they havent had their 845M available again yet.

Thanks a lot in advance.
I spoke to them about this, their metal plate 845 are actually 845C, which is not the same as the Super TnT 845M, the C has lower dissipation, which may or may not be suitable for your amp/s...check your amp manufacturers specs.
Apparently Super TnT "may" have more 845M before the end of the year....

Thanks man...the 845C is the older model then...i heard the newer SuperTNT 845M has higher dissipation rating...and can be used in any 845 based amps...but they are out of stock now i think :(
Sophia sells the current production of the older Shuguang 845C, but it's a better tube than the original 845C in my experience. I'm using the Sophia-sourced tubes now and think enough of them to have a back-up pair ready in case disaster strikes :-)
Dopogue: What other 845s have you used before the Sophias? How do you like that 845C over the others?

I'm having a pair of Cary CAD211AE you know what dissipation ratings Cary run on their 211AE?
Can't help you with the dissipation ratings, sorry. I've tried various 845s, starting with the cheapest Chinese ones, then the 845Bs from Super TNT and elsewhere, and ultimately the ones from Sophia, These took my amps to a new level of clarity and dynamics, quite a marked improvement over the "B's". One of my first Sophias went bad after a litle more than a year, but I've had no further problems. The current pair has been in place for around 8 months IIRC. Dave
thanks guys.
Coolhand: You are right. Sophia's metal plate 845s are improved version (or better QC) of the 845C. I emailed SuperTNT and they said the latest SuperTNT 845M will be available again in Dec this year....hopefully that will happen !