Sophia Electric New EL34 tubes

Has anyone seen the new Sophia Electric EL34 tubes yet?
Are they better than the SED Winged C tubes I current use in my Sophia EL34 amp?
a lot of improvement over the Russian El34
I was going to start a new thread and then I saw this one. I bought the new blue bottle EL34 ST.

OK, I just got my tubes in from Sophia Electric and have maybe 10 hours on them. Richard from SE talked me into trying the EL34 tubes. I told him I just want a rectifier tube for my Modwright PS 9.0 and he said try them and then send them back. Ha ha, what a devious trick. I will not be sending anything back. After letting them warm up a few minutes in my Linear Tube Audio ZOTL40 the sound was shrill and bright but after about 10 minutes a rapid change in sound character became evident and the magic started to appear. These are the absolute best new production EL34 tubes I’ve ever heard and after a little break in might best my NOS Mullard XF2 EL34 and my British NOS GEC KT77.


I tried the Sophia tubes but I preferred the GL KT77. The GL have a warmer and fuller mid range which sounds better with female voices. They also have a better soundstage. The Sophias are a bit more dynamic but I prefer a better mid range.