Sophia Electric Magik Box

Looking for feedback on the Sophia Electric Magik Box. Thinking about buying one but want to get more info from users or people that have heard them. Want to install one between my cd player and integrated amp. Any info appreicated.
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May be you should do bit of research before you post. 

Sophia Electric's Magik Box is a pre-preamplifier with 6dB gain designed to amplify the audio signal before reaching the volume pot on your preamplifier or integrated amplifier.  Magik Box does not use tubes or solid state devices for amplification nor does it use AC or battery power - all of which can degrade the signal level. Instead, it uses transformers made from exotic metals for signal amplification.

The box suppose to improve micro-dynamics and sound quality without distortion and noise.

Now before you shun this product as waste of money just like you do with fuses, cables, read OP post again, 

“Thinking about buying one but want to get more info from users or people that have heard them”.  

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"Transformers made from exotic metals for signal amplification" - just like Vibranium from Wakanda, I suppose?
I suppose I can find this Sophia Electric Magik Box at a circus sideshow tent?
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The Magik Box is just a step up transformer - with all the inherent problems of hysteresis distortion and bandwidth. Why would anybody want to add it to the perfectly fine output of a CD player or DAC? And not expect it to add "coloration" to the signal? 
Idk, @roberjerman. Sophia has a pretty solid reputation. I can't see them peddling gimmicks. I assume what they build and advertise will perform as described.