Sophia Electric KT88-ST impressions

I've had a pair of the SE KT88-ST in my amp for a short time. 75+ hours of play time.
They perform better than everything else I have here. Gold Lion KT66/77/88. PSVane 6CA7-Z'S black bottles. Wide open mids. More linear performance from top to bottom. Great extension at both extremes. Balanced and musical. And, I'm using them in an ampsandsound Mogwai. 3 single-ended watts into 8 ohms. Time will tell re: reliability and longevity. 

Any else tried these?

I also use a KT88 single ended amp. In regard to current production, I really like the Gold Lion reissue. What particularly do you like better about the SE KT88's? I've rolled a lot of tubes in that amp & may be interested in trying the SE as well. The best I've heard (in that amp) is an old pair of Tung Sol 6550's. Absolutely beautiful mid range. The old GE 6550's are not far off from the Tung Sols. The Gold Lion KT88 reissue doesn't have as much midrange warmth, but its no underachiever there & does exhibit more detail than the 6550's listed above. It also does that without being etched in any way. 
I am a big fan of the Gold Lion KT88's, no question, but I have retubed all my gear with Shuguang Treasure KT88-Z tubes for power amps and the 6SN7 tubes for my preamp.  I have tons of NOS 6NS7 tubes for my Don Sachs preamp, but the Treasures offer more clarity and detail than any NOS tubes I have had, although admitted I have not tried the best of the best NOS tubes as they are out of my budget.  I also have EL84 Treasure tubes in my Dennis Had SET amp and they are clearly preferable to JJ's, Mullards, and other new tubes I have tried.  It is wonderful that such fine and affordable new tubes are available on the market!   Cheers, Mark
@boxer12 The most balanced of any of the tubes I've tried yet in my system, from top to bottom. I suppose this is why I like them. I've yet to find the compromising flaw. My experience is limited, but I've not heard this amp sound like this before. I can't say if the SE KT88's are better than the NOS tubes you mention. I'm happy that I don't have to chase those vintage tubes now.

@whitestix I have not invested in the more expensive NOS tubes. And over time, I would guess they will only become more expensive - these best of the NOS. It is great that we now have more new production tubes to choose from. The black bottle tubes are excellent. The SE are the first to improve on those, for me.
If we're talking coke bottles there's a very positive review on 12/10/2016.
@dmhenley  thanks for posting your impressions. If anyone hears the Sophia Electric EL34's myself and several others here are eager for feedback.
I've added the SE 6SL7 to the fun. I compared it to a couple nos tubes I have. Posted on the site. In general, a similar experience in that the SE tube sounds more linear, open and maybe with a slight bit more gain.