Sophia Electric is not honest

Sophia Electric tries to portray itself as an American company. As far as I know everything is made in China including their amps and tubes. Be careful in dealing with Sue as she often is less than truthful. Has anyone else had bad dealings with these people?
I knew this many years ago! 
I deal with Sophia semi-regularly. I don't think they are dishonest.  Communication leaves something to be desired in that they can be out-of-stock and not tell you till after you order.  

They are a marketing company.  I don't think it is a secret that their tubes are made by Shuguang and TJ Fullmusic. 

I have not heard their amps are produced in China.  If that is the case, their margins must be spectacular since they are charging western prices and explicitly say their amps are made in Virginia.  Who told you or what evidence do you have that their amps are made in China?
Have dealt with them in the past without any problem..
Is it possible to run around Sue?
I had a very positive experience when I dealt with them several years ago after purchasing a pair of their 300b Royal Princess.
It says that their amplifiers are hand made in USA. But I see a lot of mr and ms Wugang in the about us page... infer from that what you will about where these amps are coming from most likely.
Chances are they were assembled in USA .
It's legal to say  made in  if  so .
They build them in their factory in Virginia. I infer that they are of Chinese descent living in the US in a state called Virginia. I've had several of their amps before; both said Made in the USA.