Sophia Electric EL34 integrated amp

There are no reviews online for this amp. I am considering buying this amp and wondered how it compared to other amps in it's price range. It will be used with bookshelf as well as a set of high efficiency kit speakers I built. Thanks
I really like this amp. I have used it with Cain & Cain Abby's, Single Horns and Zu Druid speakers. I have had customers tell me it sounds better, even much better than some 300B amps they have had, plus it has tons of power. I have some in stock and also a demo for sale if you are interested.
I like Sophia amps ... nice aesthetics, nice sound, and extremely quiet at -95dB or whatever ... not expensive, either
I started with the Sophia EL34 as my entry into tubes. Great little amp, suberb value used. certainly worth looking into. A few on the market now, make an offer below 600 and you have a great amp for a good price. When the upgrade bug hits, you will probably get all your money out too.. Good Luck!
I just recently purchased the Sophia Electric 126S. I am awaiting further customer service (if any) from them before I give my unbiased personal review about the amp and their customer service. My review will be detailed about performance, aesthetics (fit and finish) and customer service.