Sophia Electric Baby - upgraded capacitors

Hello everybody!
I received amplifier Sophia Electric Baby with complete upgrade of 10 capacitors (2 cathode bypass caps, 4 power supply caps, 4 signal coupling oil caps). But when removed the cover, i didnt see any large Jetsen capacitors. Here is link to photo of innards. Help to understand whether it is upgraded or not?
Did you send the picture to Sophia? They would be your best bet.
Yep, I've already done it. So it's new 2012 version circuit design. Everything is Ok! :)
Enjoy! I'm really happy with mine.
Can you guys recommend decent monitors (shelf speakers) in the price range of $900-1299 to use with the Baby?
Room is around 500 sq.ft.
Does it make sense to upgrage power supply cable if I'm using the amp with step-down transformer?(from 220v)

thank you.