Sophia Electric 91-01 and 91-5 300B

I have been using a Tannoy Turnberry SE speakers for the last 1 year, I was driving it with Naim amplification and was happy with it. However I would like to add a good tube amp to drive the Tannoys. I have been listening to various amps. It is quite evident that SET based on directly heated triodes have a special magic about their presentation. However most DHT SETs are low powered, within 10 watts. Recently I read some very good things about Sophia Electric 300B amps, especially driving Tannoys. Jeff Day has given glowing review to it even replacing is reliable Leben 660P. But before I pull the trigger I am looking for some first hand comments from the community here which is expectedly more devoid of the reviewer's bias. Has anyone heard it ?

Moreover I am also looking for some views on the various models that Sophia offers, 91-01, 91-05 etc. Is it really worth going for their more expensive models like the 91-05 when the 91-01 already seems to be doing so well ? Has anyone heard the higher models ?
I would refrain from buying Sophia. They have a reputation for a horrible customer service and shoddy business practices.
As described by djdonis, Sophia has earned its challenged reputation for quality and customer service.
Sophia Electric is China junk. Read reviews about workmanship of amplifiers and you will see what I mean. They try to pass themselves off as an American company. Avoid at all costs.