Sophia Electric 845 or Synthesis Theater Tube amp?

I can get both at roughly the same price so I'm looking for any suggestions as to which amp to go for. I have recently auditioned the synthesis encore tube amp in my system which is a stereo tube amp and thought it sounded amazing. Now I have the chance to get the Synthesis theater monoblocks for roughly the same price from a dealer blowout. These amps use the el34 which I have not heard in my system, but I was very happy with the encore which uses 5881's. Now a local has a pair of Sophia Electric 845 mono's which I can pickup for about the same price of the Synthesis so any help would be appreciated. I can't audition the Sophia in my home unfortunately. Thanks.
I just wanted to update that I bought the Synthesis Theater monoblocks and have not regretted since. They have transformed my system into a more natural, and realistic sounding system which prior to this I just did not have. Even though my system sounded fantastic previously and I really now see how much more real a tube amp makes a system sound. If anyone ever has the opportunity to find a pair of these, go for it. They are much better than the Synthesis stereo amps I auditioned against these. Time for some tube rolling!!!