Sophia Electric

Looking at the Sophia Eklectic KT88 mono blocks. Does anyone have experience with these or the company?
i have no knowledge from the amp standpoint but i bought their 'Royal Princess' 300 B tubes and they are superb..hope this helps..
Doesn't hurt. Thanks.
I use the Baby. If I could afford one of their more powerful amps, I wouldn't hesitate. I've had numerous phone conversations and emails with Richard and his wife. They are very willing to help and friendly. Their tubes are great also. They used to make an EL34 amp. I've been looking for one, but it seems everyone who ever bought one is happy with it because I've never seen one on Audiogon.
I too have a Baby and have found them to be excellent.
As above,I would have no fear of buying from them.
Have a pair of 845s on order. Have heard nothing but great things about Sophia amps.
I have a Sophia Electric MC 300A Integrated Amplifier which I use on AG Trios. Both the amplifier and the Company are top notch. I agree with mt1045 that the personal service one gets from this company makes buying anything from them a pleasure. I heard many different amplifiers for these speakers before getting the Sophias. Their electronics are very reasonably priced and outperform products costing much much more.
Thanks, I'm looking at the new KT88 mono blocks. Tried a SET amp but clipped too easily. Hoping this is a better fit.
I bought a pair of Royal Princess 300b whose specs were stressing my 300b SET. (The measured mA was on the high end of the curve, and my Ancient Audio had a protective circuit that tripped after about 2 hours of use.) Because I live in DC, I visited Sophia Electric. They combed their inventory to find a pair of tubes that worked perfectly in my amp and did not charge me for the replacements.
I haven’t had the pleasure of hearing any of their amps - just their tubes, with which I am very pleased. But if I was in the market for an amp, based my dealings with Richard and Sue, I would have no reservations.
I have the 300b mono's. Love them. I have them at Sue and Richards right now for upgrades. I bought there OPT Signature Edition he's installing for me. I bought Dueland CIO coupling caps he's installing also. Plus changing some of the resistors and other capacitors. Looking forward to getting them back.

I have the Royal Princess also that makes a world of difference in these amps. I have 105 db efficient speakers though.

I don't think you can go wrong with any of there equipment. There a great company to deal with and dedicated to there customers.
I have the Sophia Electric 126S. It is a great integrated amplifier. In my book, it is on par with Leben and Shindo. It is its own flavor. Too many people judge a book by its cover before reading it from beginning to end. They see Sophia and associate it with another Chinese product labelled 'made in USA' and have already ignorantly excused it as inferior before even really owning/listening to one. Hence I call those people ignorant. Kudos to those that have really used their ears to truly listen firsthand before making any opinions against Sophia Electric.