Sophia EL34-ST Tubes

Does anyone have experience using Sophia EL34-ST tubes? Currently I'm using GL KT77 tubes in my Primaluna integrated amp. I tried other EL34 tubes along with KT88 and KT120 tubes but feel the KT77 have the smoothest mid-range especially with female vocals without sounding harsh. Supposedly the Sophia tubes have a 300B type sound from one review. Any opinions?
If the Sophia EL34s sound like a 300B that is a significant accomplishment, and I will be placing an order tomorrow.  Can you provide info on the review?
In my Unison S6 they are a huge improvement over the Tung Sol EL34's that came with the amp.  Timbre, tonal and image density, soundstage - all improved over the stock tubes.  
I agree with @cellcbern , they sound better than any other new production tube in my LTA ZOTL40 and I even prefer them over my NOS Mullard EL34 FX2. I have never owned a 300B amp so can’t compare but these tubes are the real deal.
I've had Sophia mesh plate 300B's and they were fantastic. 
No experience with the EL-34's though.
While the Sophia EL-34's were a huge improvement over the Tung Sol EL-34B's in my Unison S6, long term listening has revealed them to be too bright on some recordings.  I also tried the Gold Lion KT-77's and found them to be similarly bright while otherwise less impressive than the Sophia's.  Since the amp was voiced for EL-34's I have ordered the Psvane EL-34PH tubes (replica of the legendary metal base Phillips EL-34's) to try.

I will report what my listening experience is once they are broken in and I've had several months of listening to them. 
cellcbern44 , I would appreciate a report on the Psvane EL-34PH and how they compare to the Sophia EL34's. Thanks.
I have the Prima Luna Premium Dialogue HP Amp. I was using the KT120 tubes for the last 2 years and although these are very nice tubes with airy highs and tight bass with plenty of slam, I found the midrange muddy and fatiguing. I switched back to the original EL 34 and found the magic again. I recently decided to try the Sophia Electric EL 34's based on all the good things I heard about them. They have about 15 hours on them (100 hours is the break in time) and they sound fantastic. Wider and deeper sound stage, more transparency, voices come alive in front of you and plenty of bass and slam. Extremely happy with them.