sophia 2s

I own a pair of Audio Physic Virgo IIs, and am considering upgrading to the Wilson Audio Sophia 2s. System includes AR LS26, Ayre amp, transparent cables. I'd welcome any words of wisdom, Thanks.
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I love my W/P 8 speakers matched with Ayre amps... (I have all Ayre gear from top to bottom on my two channel setup). I also love the Sophia2 speakers as well, but I am using them for surround sound speakers with the W/P8 speakers in the front and Bryston amps to power them. They still sound great and the sound overlap between front and back is flawless IMO, despite not being able to set them up perfectly in terms of Dolby positioning angles.
The Ayre and Transparent cables will be an excellent match with the Sophia's not to mention the speakers are amazing and way more equipment friendly than the WP's.

Now pick a cool color and wait for your dealer to lug those huge crates to your house and pull those speakers out and set them up!