Sophia 1 or WP-6's

Which is a more complete speaker over all? Pricing is close at this point even though there both out of date.
IMO ,Sophia...I never liked any of the pre W/P8 speakers..These two speakers have totally different presentations..I guess it comes down to what your taste are..As for me I would save a couple grand more and buy the Sophia2 assuming your wanting to stay in the Wilson line.Rumour has it that there is a new Sophia in the horizon so the 2 will come down even more,like all Wilson speakers as they continue to change models.
I also like the Sophia better of the two, it seems better integrated sonically to me and less bright and fatiguing and is much more tolerant of the electronics it is being fed than the WP. Not sure what you're looking for in a speaker or the what the rest of your system consists of, though, nor do I quite understand what you mean by "complete". Maybe the better way to describe it between the two is that if you're more interested in sound and have good enough ancillaries, go with the WP; if you want to listen to music, I'd get the Sophias. All IMHO, of course.
Having had both I would say the WP6 did more. The WP6 has much more bass. The WP6 will demand better electronics as they will reveal more. The Sophia is good don't get me wrong but the WP6 can do just a bit more. People who call the WP6 bright and fatiguing are just hearing there electronics and there cables.

What you should choose is your choice but either way they are good speakers.
i have found that the walker audio HDLs are a required tweak for the Wp6s. (i DIYd). difference was not subtle, and was unequivocably better than without the HDLs...better integration of drivers, sweeter treble, less grain, lower noise, punchier bass, no downside whatsoever.