Sooloos + Modwright Transporter Functional Mashup


I want the Sooloos interace WITH the audio quality of the Modwright Transporter - thats all! Love my Modwright Transporter and hate I hate the Squeezebox Server. I'm considering a redo of my hard drive based system, and I want the Sooloos just for the interface alone - very cool! Unless you go full Meridian (Control 15 sitting on a 808.3 Signature CDP) at $28k, I don't think the Sooloos system will match the Modwright in terms of audio quality. Am I right about this? Anyone else stand up a hard drive based system with a control unit as well sorted as the Sooloos Control 15? Please suspend all of the "you can do it cheaper" comments for this discussion if the compromise is the front end functionality of the Control 15. Cheaper isn't necessairly the point this time around.

Check,out the new Sooloos MS600. A ultra low jitter clock.
Thanks. My Wilson dealer has Meridian as well. I'll ask about the MS600. Anyone else?
Doesnt you Transporter have digital inputs? If you could pull the S/PDIF signal from the Sooloos and feed the Transporter just like a stand alone DAC, I believe you would achive your objective? I couldnt agree with you more on the Squeezeserver software ... I ended up selling my Tansporter and running a PC in its place. I already had a Levinson 360S DAC so I couldnt quite justify the Modwright upgrade but I was on the fence for a while. I think if you read through the manuals you can switch the Transporter to one of the aux digital inputs and you can dump the whole Logitech front end at that point.
Squeezebox Server is excellent. There is a learning curve, but once you get a hang of it, it is by far the most flexible interface out there...
Get an iPhone or Ipod Touch and buy the iPeng app for the iPhone. It really makes the SqueezeCenter sing. Ask anyone that uses the iPeng app for their Squeezebox or Transporter, it makes life a lot easier.
Mitch is right on. An iPad is even better. Much larger touch screen. T
The iPeng iPad app is exceptional. Search on iPeng for iPad or iPeng HD. Don't settle for running the iPhone app on your iPad. There is an iPad specific version and he did a great job with it.