Sooloos Apple Itouch apt?

Does anyone know if the Apple apt is out for Sooloos yet?
The app is out but will not work until Sooloos 2.1 installs on your system.
Thanks for the update.
Nice pun!
Does anyone know how to force an update to 2.1 on the Sooloos?
Email them with your storage component's serial # and they'll push it. Just make sure you leave it powered up.

The iphone/itouch app is pretty cool. It doesn't have all the functions of the control unit, but gives you enough to make it worthwhile having. The interface is similar to the way you browse thru your iphone or itouch's music... much better than just using the web browser.
Thanks Gtshelby65. Do you by chance know which e-mail is best to get a quick response? I had already e-mailed them 2 weeks ago (well before I posted here) and have yet to receive a response.