Sooloos 15? Is it still relevant as a streamer in 2017?

I am interested in possibly purchasing a Sooloos 15 for my system. I like the ease of use and ease of ripping CD's.
I notice it has a coax output to my DAC which is an EMM Labs DA2. I wouldn't have MQA capabilities with my DAC.
Is the Sooloos still a good unit 5-6 years later?
Currently using a Bryston BDP-2 and wondering if the Sooloos 15 would be in the same league or better?
Even though I have a Tidal Subscription I tend to use Spotify more. Is it possible to stream spotify to the Sooloos 15 from my MAC or am I limited to Tidal only?
Finally, should I just sell my BDP-2, forget the Sooloos and go for an Aurender and just rip my CD's to my NAS thru my Mac?
Might I recommend the NAD M50.2?  Tidal, Spotify, cd ripping, 2TB RAID, AES/Coax/toslink and even HDMI connections for audio. 

Decodes up to 24/96 MQA. 
Wow. Looks great. Will have to have a look at it.