Sony xdr-f1hd, Tuner, Impresive great value

I have had several tuners mostly vintage Sansui Kenwood Marantz including a 10B and a 90s es sony. living by the ocean it has always been a challenge to get quality reception. Which leads me to this post, the xdr-f1hd effortlessly pulls in stations the others could not, sounds great with my kt88 tube int amplifier. Only negative I have found to this point is that it doesn't retain stations when we have power outages.Clearly the 10b sounded better but was no match in pulling in stations any one else using one?
Send it to Mike at Radio X for a mod for that issue. He also does mods for improved sound. I had mine done and it really improved the sound. -
I mentioned this in another post about the Sony HD tuner but it bears repeating. To get the most out of a stock unit, I recommend using a "warm" sounding interconnect like the Monster M1000 or M950. Use "footers" to isolate the unit and to raise it higher as it runs too darn hot. Lastly, a good power conditioner to isolate from other components. Good listening!
And it's on sale at Fry's for $69.95. Just got me one!
HD radio is better. This Sony has outdone my Cambridge, Teac and older Sony units. HD vs. HD it a the equal to the HD tuner in my MA 6600 which lists for eight times the cost. Only downside is the lack of retention of stations if it loses ac power. That and as mentioned it can run a little warm.
I have one, and love it! But what I don't understand is that people say it runs very hot. I don't find that to be the case with mine, it's warm, but not hot.